How To Center Title In WordPress (4 Ways!)

How to center title in WordPress

Unlike lower level headings that can be center aligned directly in the WordPress post editor, centering the title (also known as the “H1 heading”) requires additional steps. As it turns …

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Niche Site Project #2 (Month 11 Update)

September 2022 Niche Site Summary What a busy past few months for Google developers. Despite a seemingly endless onslaught of updates coming from every direction, I am pleased to report …

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Niche Site Project #2 (Month 10 Update)

Keith Niche Site Project #2 Month 10 Update

August 2022 Niche Site Summary The May Core update recovery appears to be complete, resulting in over 60,000 pageviews in August – a record traffic month for the site. In …

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Niche Site Project #2 (Month 9 Update)

Niche Site Project #2 Month 9 Update

July 2022 Niche Site Summary Post the May core update, July mirrored June activity fairly closely with a further 8% slide, for a total of 20,106 monthly pageviews. To put …

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