Display ad daily

What: The report below shows sites that were recently added to the Mediavine and Raptive Ad Networks. Updated daily at 10:00 AM ET.
Why: Mediavine and Raptive have significant traffic requirements (50,000 monthly sessions, and 100,000 pageviews, respectively) that need to hit in order to be accepted onto their ad platform. So in many cases (check the note below for exceptions) sites that have recently been added to these networks have just passed these required traffic milestones. Therefore, these are sites that Google is rewarding right now! You can gain valuable insights by analyzing sites that are winning today - insights that just might influence your own content/SEO strategy and execution.
How: The report relies on publicly available data from Mediavine and Raptive sellers.json files.

Note: Just because a site was recently added to one of these ad networks, does not mean they are brand new or that they just recently hit the traffic requirements etc. There are plenty of exceptions...

1. For existing Mediavine & Raptive members, the traffic requirements for 2nd, 3rd etc sites is much lower (sometimes removed entirely). That means there will often be sites that show up in the Display Ad Daily report that have little traffic. This is why.
2. Some site owners jump between Mediavine and Raptive to improve their RPMs. So you may very well see sites on here that have had great traffic for awhile.
3. It's also possible that a site has been doing well for a long time but just never used display ads, and only now has decided to.
4. Finally, some site owners may elect to list a "business domain" instead of their actual site that has the ads on it.

All of this to say: you'll still have to plug these sites into a keyword research tool, like Keysearch, and do your own investigation! Or just subscribe to our newsletter and get our end of month report that includes the most interesting Mediavine and Raptive sites added that month.

Personal Disclosure: Mike speaking. In the past, I've openly questioned tools that "expose" other niche sites, blogs, content sites, whatever you want to call them. However my opinion on this topic has changed a lot over the past year or so. I first started blogging in 2020. I didn't know much then, but I was told by others that I shouldn't share my URL - so I kept it private. I later learned that nearly every single website on Mediavine and Raptive are already available to the public via the respective Ad Network's seller.json file. Furthermore, there are several tools being sold today that you can use to sort Mediavine & Raptive sites by niche, Domain Rating, traffic etc. And there are already newsletters in the space that reveal these sites. But ultimately my decision to share this tool came down to this: 1. if you don't want your name and or domain shared, just ask Mediavine and Raptive to change it and 2. if you plan on "winning" at all with your niche site, prepare to have your site, and its content stolen. That is ALWAYS the unavoidable risk. "Winning" means ranking high in Google. And ranking high in Google means added visibility. Added visibility leads to theft - almost always (in one form or another). At its peak my first site was getting 800k+ pageviews a month. My content was stolen nearly every single day. It sucked. But it's part of the game. You can't avoid it - whether you "share" your domain, or not. My hope is that folks will use this tool to examine the sites that are winning, and look to potentially implement similar strategies on their own sites. Hopefully you'll be seeing StayNewEngland.com included in this report soon!