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I started my first ever niche site, content site, blog (whatever you want to call it) back in January 2020. I had no prior knowledge of SEO, or website building.

I went on to work on the site as a side hustle for the next 3 years (while continuing to work my 9-5 job).

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Over 9,000,000 lifetime organic pageviews
  • $42,775 in earnings in a single month (780,696 pageviews)
  • Mid six-figures of profit from earnings while I owned the site
  • Sold the site in 2023 for high six-figures
  • Over 7-figures in total profit from this one site
  • That’s about $1,000/hr for every hour I spent working on the site

Now I’m working on a building a travel blog, Stay New England, with my wife!

When I’m not working online, you can find me out on the lake with my wife Mackenzie and our son Declan!

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I launched my first niche site in November 2021 and I have since caught the blogging bug – the same bug Mike caught 3 years ago.

In just under 6 months, I have published over 100 posts and grown my site to over 30,000 pageviews/mo.

I believe earning money online is not only attainable, it’s inevitable if you follow the process and consistently execute.

So now, I want to share my niche site journey with you. Because you never know…maybe you’ll catch the bug too.

My wife Chelsea and our Wheaten Terrier Berkeley, eagerly await our baby boy joining us in October!

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proof we are in-fact twins