#25 | Knock on more doors ✊🏼πŸšͺ. Here’s why…

I first heard this concept on the My First Million podcast…

There are 2 types of opportunities in life.

Windows & doors.

“Window opportunities” are somewhat obvious.

You see the opportunity for what it is.

After all, it’s right there, out in front of you.

These types of opportunities can be a lot easier to pursue – if the opportunity looks good enough, go for it.


“Door opportunities” on the other hand, are far less clear.

You have to knock first.

Sometimes the door is locked.

Other times it opens, but there’s nothing on the other-side.

Or maybe there appears to be something on the other-side, so you spend a bunch of time checking it out, only to discover it was actually nothing.

Or maybe there is something there – a brick wall.

Door opportunities can be alot harder to pursue.

You have to put in all this effort without knowing exactly how it will pay off. Or if it ever will.

But if you’re persistent enough, and knock on enough doors, every once in awhile you’ll open one and find yourself standing in front of the opportunity of a life time…

When I first started blogging in early 2020, I was very much pursuing a “window opportunity”.

The opportunity was simple really – create content > get organic traffic from Google > get paid. The end.

So I pursued it.

Fortunately, it worked.

And when things started going well (my blog was earning mid-five figures a month) I got an opportunity to go on the Niche Pursuits Podcast and share my story.

It wasn’t exactly clear what this opportunity would bring, but I pursued it anyways. Door #1.

Not long after that interview I called Keith and convinced him we should start a website together sharing our journey of launching, growing and monetizing content sites.

Keith came up with “Niche Twins” and we rolled with it.

A few months later NicheTwins.com was live. Door #2.

We figured it would be a good way to get some affiliate income promoting the tools we use and love, and it would help us grow an email list.

What would we do with the email list exactly? Who knows.

We still don’t really know.

Then we started Twitter accounts. Door #3.

I wanted to start sharing my story there too (plus blogging can be lonely), but beyond that it wasn’t clear what, if any real benefit would come of it.

Our collective following went on to grow to 40,000+ people within the first year.

I personally had lots of great interactions with folks, and learned a TON.

Then one day I stumbled across an account that had 250 followers.

This guy (let’s call him John) engaged with my content often, and always had really insightful comments/feedback.

He even had some interesting tweets himself.

From what I could gather he was a dentist, real-estate developer and niche site owner. Fascinating.

So I DM’d him, and asked John if he’d be interested in jumping on a Zoom call with me.

No agenda, I just wanted to learn more about him.

He agreed. Door #4

We chatted for over an hour. Great guy. But that was that.

Months went by and then one day I open up Twitter and in my DMs is a message from someone I don’t know.

The message read:

“Hey I just spoke to John and he recommended I talk to the Niche Twins. Here’s my cell phone number…give me a call.”

From what I could gather this guy was a serious investor who was looking to partner with bloggers/SEOs who had a following.

John, who I had a Zoom call with just a few months prior, recommended Keith and I.

So I gave the investor a call.

We talked for 45 min. Door #5.

We went on to talk on the phone and text on and off for the next few months.

And now (as of today) it looks like Keith and I are about to get involved in our biggest project to-date (by far).

Five “doors” and over 365 days later, and this opportunity finally presented itself.

It was impossible to see a year ago.

But hey, “you hang around the barber shop long enough, and you’re bound to get a hair cut”.

These things always take longer than you think, but hopefully in a few weeks time Keith and I are able to share this project publicly.

Until then, go knock on some doors.

Enjoy your weekend.


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