#35 | How to save exactly $1,381 a year.

Papers signed.

Funds settled.

Assets handed over.

It’s officially a done deal.

After 4+ long months, Keith and I (Twin Publishing LLC) are now part owners of a software company.

But not just any software company.

If you’re on Twitter, you know bloggers (niche site owners, webmasters, content site owners, SEOs, whatever you want to call them) are truly fed up with several of the existing keyword research tools.

There are a few reasons for this, but ultimately a lot of the frustration comes down to rapidly rising costs.

$100-$150 a month, MINIMUM is what you can expect to pay for many of these tools today.

I remember when I was just starting out blogging in 2020.

My site didn’t make a dollar for the first 6 months.

After one year?

I had made less than $200 TOTAL.

If I was paying for one of these keyword research tools that whole first year, I would have spent nearly $1,550 on it.

$1,550 for just that one tool.

My site would have taken a $1350 dollar LOSS year one.


But here’s the problem – keyword research is ESSENTIAL.

You must write what people are searching for, or you’ll never get any organic traffic to your site.

And in order to write what people are searching for, you have to be able to find great keywords.

The keyword research tools in question DO help you do that.

BUT, SO DOES KEYSEARCH – at a fraction of the cost.

KeySearch is $17 a month.


You can buy a year up front for around the same cost of a single month of these other tools.

Both Keith and I are going on 5 months using KeySearch for our own keyword research on Stay New England & Startup Stumbles.

The tool WORKS – I wish I had found it earlier when I was working on my first site.

If you’re an independent blogger, or have a small team, and your primary use of these tools is for keyword research, you’re likely OVER PAYING.

No, KeySearch is not a 1:1 comparison to these other tools.

It does keyword research very well.

And for many of you, that’s all you need.

Instead, you’re paying for a tool today that’s really meant for enterprise level customers.

You’re helping pay for all those extra bells and whistles you’re not using.

You’re helping pay for their 13 fancy offices all over the globe.

You’re helping pay the salary of their 1000+ employees.

We don’t have fancy offices.

Or 1000s of employees.

We just have a keyword research tool today that is $17 a month and already loved by loads of successful bloggers in this space:

And the best part?

The product is only going to get better over the coming months.

If you want to give KeySearch a try, you can


Let me know what you think.

Seriously, send us your feedback.

And have a great weekend!

Talk soon.


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