Niche Site Project #1 (Month 32 Update)

August 2022 Niche Site Summary

$42,775 in a single month. A $1,000 month felt like a pipe dream just over a year ago.

I’m thrilled about these recent results, but admittedly I can’t stop myself from looking ahead.

That’s because over the next 4 months my site is likely to earn as much as the previous 32 months combined. 120 days to earn what previously took 960 days.

Let me explain.

It took my site 32 months to earn a total of $228,000. That 228k is represented by the blue bars below.

niche site project 1 projected earnings

The green bars represent some loose projections on future earnings of my site through the end of the year, as we head into what is historically the highest ad rate period.

If these projections hold, the site will double its TOTAL earnings in just a 4 month period.

That’s the compounding nature of this niche site game…

You’re digging out the earth from beneath a giant boulder on a cliffs edge. VERY slowly, the boulder starts to roll. Motivated by the movement, you dig faster, and with more intention. Then seemingly all at once, the boulder is free – picking up momentum as it rips down the mountain side.

For the time being, my site is ripping down the mountain side.

In the not too distant future, I’m certain it will get snagged – hung up. Momentum halted. The dreaded “plateau” that I’ll have to dig myself out of all over again.

But for now, I’m trying to enjoy the show.

Below are the terms of my deal with Ezoic. Others have similar, if not identical terms. Do your own due diligence.

1. A guaranteed revenue floor based on my time with AdThrive (8 months, starting back in October last year) 
2. A guarantee that I’ll make 15% more with Ezoic (and a sizable payout if I don’t)
3. Access to their premium ads at zero additional cost
4. A separate, additional financial incentive after 6 months, paid monthly so long as my traffic continues to grow month-over-month 
5. Direct access to account management, support, direct brand sales etc. 
6. 30 day notice to cancel this contract at any time


From July (736,329) to August (780,696) the site had a 6.58% increase in pageviews.

Google Analytics – August 2022

  • Users: 577,655
  • Sessions: 683,092
  • Avg. Session Duration: 00:53
  • Pageviews: 780,696
  • Avg. Time on Page: 06:13
Google Search Console Niche Site Project 1 Month 32

Google Search Console – August 2022

  • Total Clicks: 553,000
  • Total Impressions: 12MM
  • Avg. CTR: 4.6%
  • Average Position: 12
google search console niche project 1 month 32


From July ($30,100.19) to August ($42,775.11) the site had a 29.63% increase in earnings.

Ezoic Display Ad Earnings – August 2022

  • Total Ad Earnings: $42,307.56
  • ePMV: $59.73
ezoic earnings niche site 1 month 32

Amazon Associate Affiliate Earnings – August 2022

  • Total Affiliate Earnings: $467.55 (previous $1,017.27)
  • Clicks: 4,887 (previous 4,772)
  • Conversion: 11.44% (previous 13.24%)
Amazon Affiliate earnings niche site 1 month 32

Historical Data

mike site summary august 2022

mike headshot

Go get after it this month, and
Always Be Publishing #ABP

8 thoughts on “Niche Site Project #1 (Month 32 Update)”

  1. Hi Mike. It’s fun to follow your journey in here.

    This is some quite big earnings you’re getting right now. Keep on going!

    I have one question. How to pick a niche?

  2. Well done Mike. Thanks for the motivation.

    Just to ask, how do you think your result would have been impacted if you had published all 293 posts in your first year?

  3. Amazing journey, Mike! I’m in the process of starting my first niche site. I have 1 question – what links do you build and how many? Any specific providers where you buy them? Thanks!


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