Niche Site Project #1 (Month 28 Update)

April 2022 Niche Site Summary

April was a record breaking month for my niche site – across the board. It had the most traffic ever in a single month, and the highest earnings to-date.

My blog officially made more than $20,000 dollars in a single month and passed $100,000 in total earnings.

It’s still hard to believe the site is averaging over $670. Every. Single. Day.

I remember back in September 2021 (just 8 short months ago) being in complete disbelief that my blog was able to cover our monthly mortgage payment (I had made $2,623 that month).

And just 8 months before that, I was bragging to my wife about how my blog was going to pay for our unborn son’s diapers (I made $377 in January 2021).

The exponential growth of this site as of late has been astonishing.

I’ve logged a ton of hours, and put in a lot of work over these past 2.5 years, so having it pay off in such a big way has been incredibly rewarding.

But the best part about having a record breaking April is that my family and I took a full week off. I only published once during those 7-days (Declan insisted) and I sat on the beach for the rest.

mike vacation sanibel declan
My son, the “Beach Bum” Declan

But my site kept humming along without me.

That’s one of the great benefits of content sites – you don’t need to work on them daily, weekly, or even monthly in some cases. It’s not like the YouTube algorithm – which punishes you for not publishing on a consistent schedule.

Any ways, it was an exceptional month and I’m incredibly grateful. On to the data…

(PS: I made the rounds on a handful of podcasts this month, so be on the look for those!)


From March (503,641) to April (536,618) the site had a 6.54% increase in pageviews.

Google Analytics – April 2022

  • Users: 418,245
  • Sessions: 484,311
  • Avg. Session Duration: 00:48
  • Pageviews: 536,618
  • Avg. Time on Page: 07:21
Niche site 1 Audience Overview (April 2022)

Google Search Console – April 2022

  • Total Clicks: 403,604
  • Total Impressions: 8.42MM
  • Avg. CTR: 4.8%
  • Average Position: 13.7
Mike-April-2022-Traffic 3


From March ($19,646) to April ($20,102) the site had a 2.32% increase in earnings.

AdThrive Display Ad Earnings – April 2022

  • Total Ad Earnings: $19,628
  • RPS: $40.53
  • RPM: $36.58
Mike AdThrive earnings April 2022

Amazon Associate Affiliate Earnings – April 2022

  • Total Affiliate Earnings: $471.15
  • Clicks: 3,814
  • Conversion: 11.01%
Mike Amazon affiliate earnings April 2022

Historical Data

mike site summary april 2022

mike headshot

Go get after it this month, and
Always Be Publishing #ABP!

19 thoughts on “Niche Site Project #1 (Month 28 Update)”

  1. Congrats on the consistency Mike, very well deserved.

    Have some questions hopefully you can answer.

    From what I understood you’re in the tech niche, which is very very big.

    Is your strategy “only” to publish a lot of post around questions and how to, without actively building links?

    If so, is you kw reasearch tailored on posts who can organically earn links, or do you just research any kw around your topics, even tho lots of them would not earn links organically?

    Don’t know if my questions make sense to you.

  2. Heard you on Do you even Blog’s podcast and love your story! How do you know what keywords will end up doing so well for you? I’ve had my site for almost 4 years now and I do pretty well, but I have about 400 posts and get about half the traffic as you. I’ve been overly producing content lately but only about 10-15% of those new articles end up ranking.. I’ve done all the keyword research too, but I’m not sure why it’s just not scaling this fast… Any advice on choosing the right keywords? Do you just use competitors keywords? Any experience with RankIQ? Thanks!!

  3. Hi Mike,

    Very inspirational. Amazing actually. What do you think your “secret” is to get so many pageviews per post. Is it because there are lots of people searching for things like “car won’t start” etc?

    Most publishers have to write hundreds if not thousands of posts to get the volume of traffic you’re getting!

    Well done!

    Thank you!

    • Thanks Baz! I spend A LOT of time on kw research. IMO most nice site creators would do well to spend double the time they currently do on kw research.

  4. Hey Mike-

    Amazing that you basically took a 5-6 month content break with only 12 new articles from Sept 2020 through May 2021 and yet revenue went from $17 to $525 per month in that span! Was that simply pandemic related? The no backlink approach is clearly working, kudos!

    • Thanks Jeff…I actually think that was just time for my existing posts to actually start ranking…wish I hadn’t taken that time off…


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